Email us to inquire about the waiting list for possible openings at: info@thenewmystics.org



John Crowder & Matt Spinks are bringing a team to visit TWO nations in 2018 to release the glorious Good News! We will host an explosive supernatural grace event in the north India sector of Kashmir, equipping regional churches with the happy Gospel message. Get activated in the effortless flow of Heaven as we release healing, impartation and share the love of Jesus. We will also host a massive miracle crusade in the jungle lowlands Nepal, where we will gather thousands! In addition to the ministry outreach, we also plan to take time for a night in Kathmandu and a jeep safari to see endangered rhinos and ride elephants in Nepal's Chitwan National Park! Plunge into the intoxicating atmosphere and revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over a week of Holy Ghost adventure. *No mountain climbing required!

You DO NOT need all your funds up front, but take a step of faith and get your first deposit and application in below to lock in your spot. Then be sure to share your vision with churches, friends and family who may want to support your mission endeavor!


kashmir-valley5HOW DO I APPLY?

Our application process is very simple. Just follow the steps below and you're on your way!

OneFor starters, you will place your DEPOSIT to hold your spot on the team.

Space will be limited for this trip, so be sure to register EARLY.

Deposit deadline is NOVEMBER 1, 2017 unless trip fills up before that.




Next, you will need to fill out our Mission Application. Please


Completed forms can be scanned or photographed and emailed to info@thenewmystics.org. Or mail them to Sons of Thunder, P.O. Box 40, Marylhurst, OR 97036 (You can also mail in your deposit via check, if you prefer).


ThreeNow, simply wait! We will email you to confirm your placement on the team. We will also send periodic information as it becomes available about the trip. This is a good time to begin fund-raising at your local church or through family and friends who may want to support your mission!



Four003Your next and final payment amount is due by January 10, 2017. You can pay this now or later. Just don't miss the deadline! Your payment covers all hotels, a flight between Kashmir & Nepal, ground transport, and two meals a day - all but your international airline ticket, which you will buy separately.


Five001This is a "make your own way" trip, which means you will be responsible for purchasing your own airline ticket into Kashmir (India), and back home out of Nepal. (Your payment DOES NOT include this international flight). You can buy your tickets as soon as you are confirmed (keep in mind many folks like to donate air miles to missionaries! So you may end up flying for free). You will taxi back and forth from the airport to the hotel. The team will meet up at the hotel. We will email everything you need to know about this and answer any questions, including the cheapest, most convenient flight recommendations. **More Flight Info Below**




Total Cost: $2,150

Team Applications Due: November 1, 2017
Final Trip Payment Due: January 10, 2018
Trip Dates: March 11-18, 2018


When is the trip?

We will fly into Jammu, Kashmir on March 11 and depart from Bharatpur, Nepal on March 18, 2018
(If flying from North America or Europe you will likely need to leave a day or two earlier to arrive on March 11)

Can I bring a church group?

Pastors and lay leaders may choose to serve as a team leader and bring along a small group from your own local area. But keep in mind that this will be a smaller mission team than we normally host, so if you plan to bring several people, we recommend you register early ahead of the deadline.

How will we serve?

Not only will we host multiple events where you will heal the sick and release impartation, but you will also minister in outreach.

What is the cost?

The total cost is $2,150 plus you will purchase your own air ticket into Kashmir and back home from Nepal. The first deposit ($500) is due upon application no later than November 1, 2017. The remainder of the payment ($1,650) is due by January 10, 2018. Deposits are non-refundable, as they are used to forward-fund trip costs.

What do costs include?

The payments you make to Sons of Thunder will cover your flight from Kashmir to Nepal. It includes all of your ground transportation, hotels and two meals a day. The costs also help support our outreaches on the ground.

When do I purchase a flight?

Flights are cheapest around 50 days before departure (not too early or too late), so we do not recommend booking them this early. For now, just focus on your fund-raising goals and don't even bother pricing flights until January. We can answer questions about booking your flights if it gets confusing (since these are small, remote cities you're traveling to, you'll need to break up your flight itinerary into separate bookings). This is a "make your own way" trip, which means you will be responsible for purchasing your own airline ticket into Jammu, Kashmir and then back home from Bharatpur, Nepal. You will taxi back and forth from the airport to our hotel (we will send more information about all this after you apply). You can begin looking for tickets and purchasing them after we confirm your application. Often friends and family have airmiles they may want to donate to you. Exact hour of arrival and departure time is not important, as long as you arrive into Jammu airport (IXJ) by March 11 and depart from Bharatpur airport (BHR) by March 18. 
**IMPORTANT ... In selecting your flights, the cheapest and best option is likely to break up your flight segments into three SEPARATE Bookings:
1- Get a round trip ticket to and from Delhi, India (it's the closest, largest hub)
2- On a separate itinerary, get a cheap one-way flight from Delhi to Jammu, Kashmir (also in India) on March 11 ... Try www.kayak.com for a good deal
3- On yet another itinerary, get a cheap one-way flight from Bharatpur, Nepal back to Delhi on March 18 ... We also recommend www.kayak.com for this

Just make sure to factor in enough layover time in Delhi to catch the other flights. You will need to recheck your bags. You may even want to overnight in Delhi at an airport hotel to make the layover easier. REMEMBER: Again, if this is confusing we can answer questions for you: info@thenewmystics.org

Who can join this trip?

Anyone can come along who wants to dive into mission work and enjoys the love and power of Jesus Christ spilling out to the nations! Simply follow the steps above and you're on your way!

Are there age limits?

Sometimes age limits can be waived with parental consent.

What do I pack and what do I bring?

We will send various emails along the way, posting you on advice about packing, eating, currency exchange and many other details.

Other questions?

Feel free to email us with further questions at info@thenewmystics.org.






Sons of Thunder, 7/8/2017