The Keyroom of Heaven

I would like to share a recent experience I had in the key room of heaven. This was just one leg of a revelatory experience I had about a month ago, but this single room unlocked far more than I could discuss in just one article.
I had been traveling in the spirit through several heavenly places in this encounter, when suddenly I was looking over a hill in some remote wilderness. I was rising higher and higher, but could still not see what was below the hill at the bottom of a deep valley. Finally, I was high enough to look down into this hidden valley. And what I saw was a key. From my bird’s eye view, it seemed to be a normal-sized key. But as I rapidly soared down to it, I saw that it was actually an enormous, key-shaped building. What appeared to be one key, was actually an entire warehouse full of keys.
This was a place of hidden revelation. It was a place reserved for those who would seek it out. It had a cozy, hidden feeling inside, with low hanging ceilings and hallways. When I went inside, the walls were just covered in keys of all shapes and sizes. It looked like a clock-maker’s shop, the walls and ceilings just covered in clinking multi-shaped keys.
Of course, each of these keys represented revelation that opens doors in the spirit. This single place, this single room, held access to thousands upon thousands of secrets, hidden realms, and spiritual insights. Just by reaching out toward a key, you were taken to a different place.
I knew that some of these keys would take you back in time, perhaps to a great meeting of a historical revivalist. Some would take you into the future. Others would take you to different heavenly rooms. Some would literally cause you to begin moving in various power giftings. There were keys that would release spiritual objectives into the natural realm.
In this place, I didn’t even know where to begin, so I just began asking Jesus which keys to use first. One could not even imagine all the possible open doors that could be opened from this one room.
When the Spirit of revelation brings us into third heaven experiences like this, we must understand that we are able to reach beyond time and beyond the mind. How often do we strive and study and fast and pray for just one little key of knowledge or divine revelation? And yet in one, single, timeless encounter like this, we can gain access to eternal understanding and power. We can go to the very key room itself and have our pick of anything God has to offer.
We must pursue a higher degree of revelation.
A pastor named Roland Buck, in the late 1970s in Boise, Idaho had an experience where he was taken into heaven by surprise. Just sucked right away from his desk, and he was taken to the file room of heaven. In that one occurrence, the Lord burned 2,000 Bible verses into Roland’s mind. He knew them perfectly. He was also given a scroll with 120 prophecies on them for various friends, churches and people he had never met. When Roland came back to the natural realm, he saw that the scroll was lying visibly, physically on his desk. After a few days, it just sort of disappeared like ash. But the 120 prophecies were burned into his mind, and he could quote them forwards and backward.
I believe there is a place of revelation available for all of us today, that is completely accessible to each of us – a place of such a higher caliber of revelation – that everything we had deemed “prophecy” or “revelation” before would simply seem like crumbs compared to a banquet feast. Or as C.S. Lewis may have said, like children playing in a mud puddle, when there is a chance for a vacation at the beach.
God can download knowledge, insight, understanding, facts, thought and theory into our brains that would otherwise take us years and years to accumulate. How? By first bypassing our mind and moving directly upon our hearts and spirits. This is the very business of the Spirit of revelation. In one divine encounter - in one place - we can be given access to a multitude of insight. We must become confident in knowing we can all encounter heaven in such a way.
We are sons, given open invitation to roam freely through our Father’s house, even though we live here on earth. Our spiritual access to God is no less hampered today than it will be in heaven, we need only make the choice to bring heaven down to earth.
I thank God for bringing me to this single room, because it is a place that I can never exhaust for an eternity. And once we access these kinds of spiritual places, we have authority to return to them again and again. I know that I am going to have a blast going back over and over to visit new places in the spirit from this single key room. But maybe not. Perhaps the Lord will show me a key that leads to a greater place altogether!
We must remember that almost every place we visit in the heavenly realms is similarly inexhaustible. This is the beauty of eternity. What was even more extraordinary was the fact that this great mysterious place, in all its awe, was still utterly empty and confusing without Jesus guiding me through. I didn’t even know where to begin, but Jesus is the Beginning and the End.
See, Jesus is the one key that unlocks a multitude of keys. The Spirit of revelation is the Spirit of Jesus. His Spirit is the Spirit of prophecy. He is the Pathway that leads to all understanding. All of us hunger for a word from the Lord – for some piece of divine insight, a key – and that is good. But nothing should replace our hunger for the Lord Himself. When we make an idol of keys, we may still pick up a few here and there. But I would much rather get acquainted with the Key Maker. Then all things become possible.
The key to all revelation is intimacy with Jesus. If we love God, He holds no secret back from us. And we cannot even love God without first encountering His love for us. We will talk about this more next week. . .

John Crowder, 2/21/2005