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FUNdamentalism: A Supernatural Joy Recovery Seminar!

This three-day conference in Woodland Park, Colorado is designed as a religious detox and recovery of the joy and wonder of the early apostolic message of "Good News!" The Gospel is the most "unbalanced," happiest declaration on the planet, but the foundations of our faith have often been hijacked by ideologies and dogmatisms that pull away from the person and work of Christ, evoking fear, strife, insecurities and exclusion - putting us on a performance orientation cycle that actually limits our true potential. This weekend will be a time of recovering awe and wonder in the reality of our effortless union with the Divine, reviving a supernatural expectancy as we revisit some basic "fundamentals" in light of a fresh framework of Grace. We are anticipating a life-changing weekend of re-shaping, re-visioning ... restoring and enjoying! Expect to shed some toxic mindsets and false limitations as we tangibly experience the presence of God in an atmosphere of joy unspeakable.


Coming to Colorado!

Registration is limited. Events fill up quickly!

Date: July 21-23, 2017
When: 7p.m. Friday  
10 a.m., 2p.m. & 7p.m. Saturday
2p.m. Sunday
Venue: Emerge School of Transformation
201 N. Boundary
Woodland Park, CO 80863
Cost: $45 Registration
Discounted Rates: $60 for Married Couples
(Children are Free)

 (Thanks for your support! Your tuition helps fund our ministry endeavors all around the world)
Register Here: FUNdamentalism

JOHN CROWDER - John loves to push the envelope and provoke God's people to extreme joy! He is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and advocate of supernatural Christianity. John is on the forefront of a fresh renewal movement marked by ecstatic experience, miracles and recovering the foundational preaching of the cross of grace. John hosts evangelism crusades, plants children's homes and equips the church at events worldwide. Along with his bi-annual magazine, The Ecstatic, John has also written seven books - Mystical Union, Seven Spirits Burning, The Ecstasy of Loving God, The New Mystics, Cosmos Reborn, Chosen for Paradise and Money. Sex. Beer. God.

SCHLYCE JIMENEZ - Schlyce is a woman on a mission ... To reveal God for who He really is ... outrageously good! Her transforming work as the founder of Emerge School of Transformation is changing lives. Emergers from all walks of life are encountering God and experiencing His goodness like never before. As a result, they are discovering and stepping into their true life stories. The Jesus in them is emerging and changing the world! To find out more about Schlyce and Emerge, visit

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